E.B.R. Europeanbikers Racing 12.13.July  2021 Grobnik Circuit Rijeka Croatia

On the 12th and 13th of July it is time again! The event of the year takes place !!!

We did not spare any effort to let YOU, our friends and acquaintances or our followers to forget the last event. And this on one of the most sought-after racetracks in the northern hemisphere! GROBNIK, RIJEKA in Croatia.


First the facts:


2 days of racing action

4 groups divided into periods

2 races with 2 ratings each (technical acceptance by one of our instructors)

Several instructors who will help you when ever you want!

Testbikes from several manufacturers


Our side events:


Special event: minimum one show, be it air show or stunt bike (nothing is fixed yet)

Wheelies school can be booked in units directly on site (registration by mail required)

Lounge area with free drinks and music

Europeanbikers and Streetwolves shop

Raffles of station wagon and other motorcycle related manufacturers

Renntaxi Sofiafahrten in a turn on the 14th possible


For your timekeeping you should keep in mind that you should have an extra 15 € per day when registering (directly at the circuit in the Race Office) (transponder fee).


Beginners are obliged to attend the first day of school enrollment in the morning (training on the behavior on the racetrack).

After the verbal enrollment comes the practical. The first laps are followed behind the instructors to make it easier to find the right line.

After the first 2 turns, it will be evaluated if you are ready to go alone on the track or if you still need support from our instructors.

We also inform you that you are not allowed to attend without protective clothing. You should also have your motorcycle in condition.

Persons who are on the racetrack for the first time are obliged to attend the training before the first turns. When registering, be sure to specify that you want to join the Green Group.